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Bariatric Team

Following a referral from your local GP, our administration team will contact you and offer an appointment with the BetterLife team. At this appointment you will meet your surgeon Mr. Atalla, as well as your Dietitian and Nurse Practitioner.  We will discuss your health and lifestyle goals, you will learn more about the surgical options and which one is best for you and also gain an understanding of the nutritional and lifestyle management required to ensure success.


Review Consult

With Your Surgeon

At your review appointment, we will work with you to determine the most suitable surgical option for your individual needs and then schedule your upcoming surgery. The administration staff will liaise with you regarding costs, surgery date, dietitian and nurse practitioner appointments.



& Hospital Stay

The day has arrived, for you to take the next step in your weight loss journey.  Mr. Atalla will perform your surgery today and you will be expected to stay in hospital 1 – 2 nights. You will be monitored closely and discharged when ready. Remember to take your dietitian recommended Optifast to hospital as it is part of your nutritional diet whilst an inpatient. 




Mr. Atalla will review you post operatively 1-2 weeks post surgery but you will be contacted every few days to monitor your progress. Your Dietitian will be also providing direction and guidance as you progress from liquid to puree diet during this time.





You will continue to have follow up appointments at 2 weeks post surgery, 6 weeks, 3 months and 12 months.  Then he will see you on your anniversary dates or if you feel you need to see him at any stage. Your nutrition and dietary intake will be monitored by our dietitian and vitamin levels will be monitored accordingly through routine blood tests. We highly recommend that you attend these consults as they are helpful in achieving  better long term results.


Healthy Life


You start to feel healthier as the lifestyle and dietary changes you initiated become part of your everyday life. Health, confidence and self esteem have already increased as you start to enjoy your Better Life!

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