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Mr Mo Atalla Surgeon Weight Loss surgery in Melbourne

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Mr Mo Atalla

Dr Atalla is a locally trained surgeon who has predominantly worked in and around Melbourne for over 12 years. He completed his specialist training in General surgery before heading overseas to further sub-specialise in bariatric surgery in a high-volume centre under the guidance of international leaders. During his time in Northshore hospital, Auckland NZ, he has refined his complex surgical expertise in both upper gastrointestinal/bariatric weight loss surgery and advanced laparoscopic skills. He routinely attends regular conferences and skill workshops to consistently keep abreast of any new developments in the treatment of obesity.

He is a also a credentialed Endoscopist under the GESA Conjoint Committee, a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne who is routinely involved in teaching surgical trainees and medical students with multiple publications in highly reputable peer-reviewed journals.

Dr Atalla dedicates himself to listening and understanding his patients which establishes a necessary sense of trust, a connection that is imperative when a patient is required to place their faith in a surgeon who is about to perform a complex procedure on them.

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Marianne MAMMONE

Practice Manager

Marianne is responsible for the smooth running of the practice and being our patients’ first point of contact. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the administrative medical field and brings great enthusiasm, a friendly disposition, and a positive attitude to her role.   Bariatrics are her great passion, attending regular ANZMOSS conferences, and keeping informed of the latest advancements regarding metabolic weight loss surgery. Her goal is to give all patients optimal & caring support throughout their life-changing journey with BetterLife Surgery.

Janet Yong Nutritionist Weight Loss Surgery Melbourne

Janet YONG

Bariatric Dietitian

Janet Yong is a dual-qualified Accredited Practising Dietitian and a Credentialed Diabetes Educator with a decade long of experience in empowering her clients to “Eat Well, Move More and Love Life!”

Janet believes that a person’s health encompasses more than the body, hence she is passionate about helping her clients to improve their wellbeing in a holistic manner. She is committed to providing the best possible care to her clients and guiding them on their journey of health upgrade using evidence-based knowledge.

Janet aims to help her clients achieve their health goals through the provision of practical, sustainable and individualised dietary and lifestyle strategies.

Janet Yong Nutritionist Weight Loss Surgery Melbourne

Rebecca EAST

Bariatric Nurse Practitioner

Rebecca returned to her local community after the first 7 years of her Nursing career at Epworth in Richmond to undertake a Master’s of Nursing Practice (Perioperative) and Master’s of Nursing Practice (Nurse Practitioner) at Deakin University.

For the past 10 years Rebecca has worked in private practice and gained endorsement as a nurse practitioner in 2014.

In 2018, The Australian College of Perioperative Nurses (ACORN) awarded Rebecca Fellowship in recognition of her significant contribution to perioperative nursing and demonstration of professional excellence Rebecca’s clinical practice is diverse and has special interests in Bariatrics, General Surgery, Orthopaedics and Sports Injuries.

Rebecca is very passionate about patients and families experiencing safe, informed and holistic health care and a looks forward to being able to support the Better Life patients throughout their journey.

Rebecca - Better Life Surgery - Nurse Practitioner


Bariatric Coordinator

Simone is a qualified Lifestyle Coach with certifications in Extended DISC Profiling and Neuro-linguistic Programming. She is currently transitioning into the role of a Nutritionist and is committed to supporting patients post-bariatric surgery as they begin their journey to success. With firsthand experience as a former patient, Simone brings a unique perspective and a wealth of skills to her work. Her passion for empowering patients and providing compassionate support makes her an invaluable asset in guiding individuals towards optimal wellness and ultimately, healthier lives.

Olga Wheeler Bariatric Liaison and Clinical Nutritionist Weight Loss Surgery in Melbourne


Bariatric Liaison and Clinical Nutritionist 

Olga is a qualified Clinical Nutritionist with a unique mix of training and experience in a wide range of industries. She is passionate about helping patients find their optimal wellness through empowering them by making them feel heard and supported. Her caring approach makes her well suited as a point of contact for patients throughout their Better Life journey.

Caroline-Better Life Surgery - Psychologist



Carole has experience in providing support to clients with weight issues. She works with individuals to understand their motivations, create realistic and achievable goals, and maintain motivation to assist change. Carole can assist with natural weight loss, as well as support clients having bariatric surgery during both the pre and post-operative stages.
There are many psychological adjustments that individuals who are losing weight or having bariatric surgery can face. These may include changes in body image and self-esteem, emotional eating and change of diet, social pressures at meal times, and the impact change of diet and weight loss can have on relationships. Carole usually provide support and strategies to assist this journey toward a better quality of life. She works in Shepparton, Echuca and South Melbourne, and can be contacted on 0448 865 666.

Hayley - Better Life Surgery - Exercise Physiologist, AEP


Exercise Physiologist, AEP

Hayley has a passion for helping others improve their health and lifestyle. She enjoys working with clients to enable them to feel better, function better and optimise their wellbeing.

As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, she is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide exercise and education for management of obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Hayley thoroughly enjoys spending her free time working on her own health and fitness and going out for brunch on the weekend.

Rebecca - Better Life Surgery - Nurse Practitioner


Life Coach

Julianne is an Accredited Life Coach who enjoys supporting people pre and post-weight loss surgery. Using a variety of therapeutic modalities with an integrative blend of Coaching, CBT, and ACT Therapy, Julianne can assist you in discovering the underlying issues behind your relationship with food, whilst achieving a sense of self-worth and self-efficacy.

She can help you discover learned behaviours and create new pathways to move toward acceptance. This approach can equip people to overcome negative thoughts and gain the freedom to make wiser choices that help facilitate change in all aspects of their lives.

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What Our Patients Say

Cam Kervin
Cam Kervin
I found the whole process very informative which helped me to choose the right weight loss surgery for me. From the ever helpful Marianne keeping me up to date on the process and Mo Atalla gave me all the info I needed to make an informed decisions. I could not recommend BetterLife surgery enough.
Franco Gargiulo
Franco Gargiulo
The attention of Mr Atalla and Marianne was excellent, my operation was a success, I definitely recommend this clinic
Melissa Carson
Melissa Carson
Mo and his team have changed my life forever. Dealing with me in a holistic way when looking at the reasons behind my weight gain and life long struggles has been amazing. Other surgeons saw me as $$ only. My dietician could have given more tips earlier throughout my journey but Mo’s nursing team were amazing and stepped in to help. Marianne is always on the ball coordinating all aspects of my care. 32kgs down and lost forever and hoping another 10kg coming up.
Brendon Beard
Brendon Beard
I highly recommend Mr Attala. So far I have had a colonoscopy, gastroscopy and gastric sleeve surgery. Next up is having my gall bladder out. On all occasions I found Mr Attala calm, professional and non-judgemental, making a reasonably scary process a lot more reassuring and easier to process. I was fully informed and felt safe and comfortable in his hands. Mr Atalla also has a great team working with him. Marianne handles all appointments, paperwork and all the fiddly details, promptly and efficiently, and keeps you up to date with all the details. Bec, a nurse practitioner / dietician specialises in weight loss dietetics, and is there to assist both before and after the surgery. Bec is also calm, professional, non-judgemental and is practical and realistic in expectations of your diet transition after the surgery. If you are looking for weight loss surgery, look no further.
Jim Simpson
Jim Simpson
Had Gastric Sleeve surgery with Mo Atalla in October 2023. The whole process went very smoothly, not just down to his skills as a surgeon, but with the professionalism and care of him all his team. From initial consultation through to post-op follow ups, the holistic approach involving surgeon, dietician, nurse practicioner, and admin, provided all the advice and reassurance I needed (also had access to a psychologist through the practice, but didn't use). There were no unwelcome surprises either financially or surgery-wise. A special mention to the Practice Manager, Marianne, who was terrific in keeping me completely informed throughout the process and handling any queries. I was fortunate in that there were no complications (in no small part due to the above), but am sure that if there had been, they would have been very well handled. I would recommend the procedure to anyone wanting to change their life with weight-loss surgery, and could not recommend Mo and his team more highly. Thanks & Well Done to All
samantha biles
samantha biles
Their is not enough stars available to give Mo and his team, they are super amazing. The whole process was made so easy. Mo is so attentive to his patients, talks you through everything, nothing left unsaid and makes you feel at ease, and Marianne WOW I adore her, she is available to assist at any time, she is so knowledgeable, caring and helpful, always makes herself available throughout the process. They really are the dream team. To them you are not just a number, they actually care about you, before during and well after surgery. My surgery was much harder than Mo thought, it certainly tested his skills, but he did not give up on me and got the job done with great success. One year on I am down 32kg and cannot be happier. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to look at having weight loss surgery. So much love for Mo and his team, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
I first saw Mr Atalla for a General Surgery procedure back in 2021. Even though I live in Melbourne I travelled to Echuca for the procedure as through research I found him to be the best at what he does. As my first point of contact, his Practice Manager Marianne was absolutely wonderful. The professionalism & information she provided whilst booking my appointment was also one of the reasons I chose him. Mr Atalla was amazing at my consultation appointment & Marianne was so kind & helpful. The whole process was smooth & put me at ease Mr Atalla is now my go to General Surgeon for all general procedures. I couldn’t recommend Mr Atalla & his Practice Manager Marianne enough.
Liz McDonald
Liz McDonald
I’ve spent years trying to find the right path toward being healthy & happy with myself. For a long time I was stuck on a loop taking me nowhere. I focused on medical labels that defined me as disabled thanks to my rheumatoid arthritis, (this was just an excuse to stay stuck). Then I found Mo Atallas website & decided to visit him & see what he could offer me. From the moment I walked into his rooms I felt at ease. His admin; Marianne has the friendliest personality & is so genuine & helpful. Then there is Mo Atalla; now he doesn’t offer any magic wand surgery, because there is no such thing. He offers the honest reality that he can help with surgery as a tool toward better weight & better health; but only if you are prepared to work hard on both body and mind. Mo and his team helped me with the tools and the support to put the hard yards in. Better Life Surgery helped me to find who I want to be, not just by losing 46kg with my gastric sleeve surgery, but by finding confidence in myself, getting my health back, adding years onto my life & most of all becoming a happier person again! Every time I visit the clinic I feel like supported in my journey and am told how proud they are of my achievements. I am not just a number to this team and you won’t be either. Thank you Mo, Marianne, Bec & Bec at BetterLife Surgery Liz
Jenn Clark
Jenn Clark
Mo Atalla and his team would have to be the best that I have ever come across. His care and compassion is outstanding. I can not thank Mo enough for everything he has done for me and my family. It truly means the world to us.
Elly McCuish
Elly McCuish
I couldn’t have had a better experience with the Better Life Surgery team. I have reached my goal weight in 7 months after having the gastric sleeve. Mo and Maryanne have great attention to detail and are right onto everything including the paperwork aspect. I feel very grateful to the team for helping me turn my life around for myself and my family. I could not have done this without them.